take this as a challenge !! the rise of damo song

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  1. applee

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    the song is 'the rise of damo' from the movie '7th sense/7am arivu' a tamil movie... the song is in chinese.. it is just assum
    no one has been to tab it out for guitar.
    the solo in the song which starts from 9th second is just nice.. please take it as a challenge n help me out
    link to the video
    rise of damo HQ video - YouTube

    thank you :)
  2. SoloRipper

    SoloRipper New Member

    This is the main tab which is played in the song!! Cheers !! :)

    E -------2-5---2-2---------------------------2-5---2-2------2-5-7-9-5-2h-5--
    B ---2-5 ----5-----5-5---2-5-2-5---------2-5-----5-----5-5-------------------
    G -------------------------------4-2-4-----------------------------------------
  3. Ramanan20

    Ramanan20 New Member

    its good man :)

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