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    hey can nebody help me to tab the intro of Everythin i do by bryan adams.i ve tabbed it but some notes are out of tune.plz help me
  2. abhimanjrekar

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    hey y u tabbin..jus hold the chords and arpegiate..i don have time now..else would have done thth for u...
  3. limaj_daas

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    Not so hard. Play w/fingers. Apperigos. That's all there is to it. Transcribed it myself. So don't crap me! You might wanna paste it onto note pad for a better view.

    Gtr I (Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) - 'Solo Guitar'

    D Asus4 A G



  4. Behush

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    Wrong Forum dude... post it in proper forum.. u'll get more response
  5. its_nouman

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    Key: / slide
    h hammer on
    b bend
    ~ vibrato
    Tuning:e B G D A E

    so the solo goes like this:

    G D G D

    D|-------------------------------| (Bend the three 8's one half note each)

    SONG: Everything I do I do it for You
    ARTIST" Bryan Adams.

    This is as much as I can figure out.
    it's easiest if you just use the top four strings (E, B, G, D)

    each 4 dashes is an eight note.. the star on top is the beginning of each

    * * * * | * * * * |
    2---------------2-------2-3-3-2-| 0---------------0-------0-5-5-0- |
    ----3-------3-------3-----------| ----2-------2-------2---2-5-5--- |
    --------2-------2-----------0---| --------2-------2--------------- |
    0-----------------------0-------| 2------------------------------- |

    * * * * | * * * * |
    3---------------3---------0-2---| 0---------------0-------0---0--- |
    ----0-------0-------0---3---3-3-| ----2-------2-------2-------2--- |
    0-------0-------0-------2-----2-| --------2-------2-------2------- |
    --------------------------------| -------------------------------- |

    * * * * | * * * * |
    2---------------2-------2-3-3-2-| 0---------------0-------0-5-5-0- |
    ----3-------3-------3-----------| ----2-------2-------2---2-5-5--- |
    --------2-------2-----------0---| --------2-------2--------------- |
    0-----------------------0-------| 2------------------------------- |

    3---------------3-------3+------| 2----0------2---0-----------0--- |
    ----0-------0-----------0-------| 3-----3-----3---2--------------- |
    0-------0-------0-------0-------| ------------2------------------- |
    ------------------------0-------| 0-----------0---2--------------- |

    etc.. ihopefully by now you can figure out that I'm basically just
    playing the chords with a certain plucking order. that's all it really is.
    Here are the chords I use (only top four strings) (DGBE)


    D(0232) A(2220) G(0003)
    Look Into my eyes There you'll see What you mean to


    D(0232) A(2220) G(0003)
    search your heart search your soul..& when you find me there you will

    D(0232) A(2220) more

    G(0003) D(0232) A(2220)
    You can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
    You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for

    you know it's..
    D(0232) A(2220) D(0232)
    true..everything I do... I do it for you..

    Look into your will find..there's nothing there to hide
    Take me as I am..take my life, I'd give it all - I would sacrifice

    Don't tell me it's not worth fighting for
    I can't help it, there's nothing I want more
    You know it's true, everything I do..I do it for you

    A(2220) D(0232) A(2225) G(0003)
    Ther's no love like your love and no other could give more love

    D(0232) A(2225) *(4546) A(2225)
    There's no where unless you're there all the time all the way

    *-- not sure what chord this is.. was about to put Ab but that's wrong...

    (instrumental) G(0003) D(0232) G(0003) D(0232)

    G(0003) D(0232) A(2220)
    Can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
    I can't help it there's nothin' I want more


    D(0232) A(2225) G(0003)
    I'd fight for you I'd lie for you WWalk the wire for you

    G(0003) A(2225) *(3336)
    yeah i'd die for you....

    D(0232) A(2220) G(0003)
    you know it's true everything I do whoa....

    A(2220) D(0232)
    I'd do it for you..

    get it ..ur valentine 'll get a Double Crush on ya ..tht wat happend ven i played fa her ;0;) ..GOD BLESS YA ALLL

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