tabs or instructions on how to play this song:

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  1. shyam23

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    REQ~ tabs or instructions on how to play this song:

    please see attachment. i have the chords to the song, but i am a beginner in guitar playing ( i have a BASS guitar BTW).

    so can someone tell me what tabs i should be playing and all.. like i said i have just joined the guitar playing world (like dedicated time for it) and i have no idea how to play this.


    PS: Keep in mind i have a BASS GUITAR :)

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  2. JUDAS_666

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    So u want bass lines for the song..hmm
    Do u have mp3 link of that song? The baseline will be based upon beat, music genre et al., not just the relative chords.

    However, you may simply play the root notes of those chords.
    D ----7-----------


    plus, improvise! be creative...

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