tabs of titanic tune

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  1. ankur_punjabi

    ankur_punjabi New Member

    hi i need the tabs for the titanic song if possible plz avail me the tabs
  2. nec_girl

    nec_girl New Member

    easy tabs for Titanic

    e--5-5-5-5-4-5-5-4-5-7-9-7-5-5-5-5-4-5-0 (repeat 2 times)



    am not saying this tht i did tabs this u can aslo find it here in this site so Enjoy
    one thing i noticed here is tht people here don`t coperate with new comerz thts true
  3. ankur_punjabi

    ankur_punjabi New Member

    thts not true some peoples like u are cooperates with the new comers thanks
  4. Raisah99

    Raisah99 New Member

    hey nec_girl you rock those tabs are soo much better than te others i got on this site thnks a whole lot :)
  5. li'l guitarist

    li'l guitarist New Member

    thnx dese tabs rock
  6. aniketdave

    aniketdave aniket

    I'm sorry but the tabs given by you are wrong..

    plz check other posts for more accurate chords
  7. gurudeb

    gurudeb New Member

    thank you nec_girl

    thank you very much for your post (titanic tabs) .... I am a newbie.... this tab really encouraged me... thank you again....
  8. nitin2go

    nitin2go New Member

    that was sick

    - my date fell in love w/ me with this help thanks
  9. tez

    tez New Member

    Thanks "nec_girl"

    Loved the tabs ...

    most romatic music ;)

    thanks alot .. again
  10. afreen

    afreen New Member

    hey they work thnx alot
  11. mani_manu

    mani_manu New Member

    oh..sounds gr8..
    u see thr are two kind of ppl who play guitar...
    one for fashion >> impressing gals.
    other for passion >> self satisfaction...
    lolz..dont mind..
  12. ash_7186

    ash_7186 New Member

    nice tabs buddy u rock!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Jeanguitar

    Jeanguitar New Member

    Acoustic Guitar Lessons

    The Tabs looks Great!. can you let me know abou Acoustic Guitars lessons. I want to learn.

  14. denil

    denil New Member

  15. dneha

    dneha New Member

    hey gr8 tabs........
    thnx a lot
  16. nitin2go

    nitin2go New Member

    you do kno i was playing around, wit it ... no date, it was just fun to play
  17. sanujit44

    sanujit44 New Member

    hey miss nec_girl...gr8 tabz..but it wuld be uber cool if if posted the lyrics along with the tabs too...i cant make out the 2nd and 3rd lines...pls help...: |
  18. willvish

    willvish New Member

    gud tabs.......
    thank you.....
  19. suraj1000

    suraj1000 New Member

    for the theme song u can try this tab


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