tabs of song tujhe bhula diya from anjan aanjani

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  1. gaurav99937

    gaurav99937 New Member

    plz help i need this tab its my fav song.
  2. New Member

    yeah.. me too.. somebody please post the tab of this song?
  3. debmalya

    debmalya New Member

    Try this guys ... dunno if it perfect but in a way it sounds nice .. play fast !!
    E 77-777-9-10-9-7--7-7

    E 77-777-9-10-9-9-7-7-10-10-7-7
    B -----------------------------10-10-8-10>8-10-8-7

    E 77777777s-14--14-15-14s12-12-10-14s12-12-10-9-7s5-7

    E 77777------9h,p10-9-7-9h10-9-7-7-------
    B -----7S8S10---------------------10-10-8-8h-10-8-7

    E 7777-----------------7---------
    B ----10-7-10-8-8-7---8-8S7-----7
    G -----------------9-7-----9S7-7-

    E 7777-9s10-14p12-12s10---14h-12-12s10-12p10-10s9-9s10
    B ---------------------12-----------------------------

    E 7777-9s10-14p12-12s10--14-12-12s-10--14p12-12s-10-14p12-12p10-9
    B ---------------------12------------12

    E -10-9-10s9-9-7-7-10-9
    B 7--------------------

    E 99-14p12-12-10-10-s9-7-9

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