Tabs of Naagin The Lady Cobra

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  1. Think Floyd

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    Simple Tabs of Naagin The Lady Cobra

    this is the guitar tab of Naagin The Lady Cobra by Decibel.
    With little echo and delay:

    e-----------7 7--6-------------------7 7--6------
    b---7 7--9----------9--7-----7 7--9----------9--7

    b--9-10-9-7-9-10-9-7-9-----7 7------------7 7--10 10--9 9--7
    g-----------------------------------9-8-9 9----------------------


    b--7-9-7-10-7-9-5-7-5----9-7-10-7-9-5-7--------------repeat 2x

    hope you guys like it.
    and please...feed(it)back.

    Think Floyd

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  2. devv963

    devv963 New Member

    tabs work well dude....try to tab d further
  3. flashmustain

    flashmustain New Member

    hey.. correct me if im wrong..isn't it supposed 2 be done by tapping or sumtin..
  4. Think Floyd

    Think Floyd New Member

    but i basically tabbed this on my acoustic, so this is for them who aren't familiar with tapping.
  5. kd_88

    kd_88 New Member


    hey .. dude tabz okk ... but it doesn't sound like the one played by decibel
  6. tushar1991

    tushar1991 New Member

    i want the tapping tabs of this!!

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