Tabs/GuitarPro for Raga Scales (Carnatic/Melakarta) linked with Modal Scales (Jazz)?

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    1st I must thank to Keoraf who rememberd me a website with the list of all Main raga scales, its this:
    Hindusthani/Carnatic Scales - Hindusthani Raga Mala (Be patient, this site has a long loading time even for quick DSL connection).

    The question of modern times now learning with TAB software is: Did anybody already setup the "tabs" for Guitar Pro 6 - Tablature software for guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments ? This Tabulature Software is really cool and the best what I have seen during last years, and not too expensive... GuitarPro6 has everything to setup a fully note sheet. With the loop and metronom its really efficient to train scales up and down, quickly same trains the eyes and ears parallel.

    Jumping around from Real book to software and back, using different sources of studying books makes it little bit complicated/confusing. So "all in one" within GuitarPro 6 would be a good tool, I think. :)

    I like th idea to get in one file the analogy of the Raga scales linked with the Jazz modal scales visible, e.g. here documented very beautiful the 7 main modal scales: Major (Ionian) scale for guitar .

    Maybe you might say: Ragas cannot really played by notes or note sheets, thats true. As the microtonal structure (22 shrutis) is in between the main 7 notes (swaras). But to get an accoustically idea, how the basic sound of a raga scale is in the ascending (aroha) and descending form (avaroha) it makes sense (for a Western who 1st learnt Western classics on piano). Less for me it would be helpful to get a quick orientation about.

    (Rec.: Naturally the Ghamakas and meends (kind of patterns and ornaments) in a Raga a pupil (shishya) has to learn from a teacher (guru) to get all nuances, as every traditional Indian teacher follows a specific school of music (Gharana). So generally learning Ragas still needs the oral teaching form (guru-shishya-parampara) and thats good so to keep the tradition alive.)

    But I think, it would help a pupil to get a better understanding about the note material if he has the tabs and can link it with the modal scales of Jazz on the computer, isnt it ? - What do you think ? - Any sources out there for downloading such TAB files for GuitarPro ?

    On my own yet I have not found a source, were both music systems are linked. I know from John McLaughlin (Shakti, The Mahavishnu Orchestra), that he did such analysis by his own studies, but yet its not published so fare I know.

    Tks giving orientation.... Greetings/TC - SM

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