Tabs for the song Thulli Thulli Nee Paadamma from Sippikkul Muthu - IR Hit

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    Earlier we saw some finger exercise pattern in the following link:

    Instead of starting from 5th fret, if you start from 7th fret (A string) and maintain the same pattern, you should be able to play this song.

    This is a classical melody by IR set in raga Madhyamavathi (By this time you should get that the pattern represent Madhyamavathi raga notes). The composition is in pure Madhyamavathi ragam.

    The song is in E Minor chord / scale - Being pentatonic raga, we use just 5 notes in this song.

    The song uses E F# A B D Notes & the chords should be Em F#dim Am Bm & D (At least theoretically) – You can try your chord choices . . . ....

    This is a super hit film - The Telugu version is Swati Mutyam. You can try the Telugu version of the song in these tabs.

    Hope you will enjoy playing this song....

    Pick, play and enjoy the song and do post your views.................. Sathya

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