Tabs for the song Thoda Thoda Malarvadhenna from Indira - ARR's Melody Song

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    Request the chords for the song Thoda Thoda Malarvadhenna song from Indira.

    A very melodious tune by ARR - Just melting melody.

    It is a major scale song & I am comfortable with B Major. Can anyone please confirm this?

    The first line goes as under: Playing the word "Poovae" will be a real challenge....

    B------4--5--7--5------------------------------- B
    G-------------------6--3------4---4/6--4\3------ G
    D-------------------------6-4------------------- D

    Please do confirm the chord...................... Sathya
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    pls post. very rarely i love to play ARR songs
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    I like this song, it has lot of MSV-SPB Combo shade, like Kana kaanum kangal mella from Agnisaatchi.
  5. SATHYA167

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    Thanks Vinod. Let me try these chords today. From B Major to F Major - I have bad understanding............ Sathya

    Senthil - Kana Kaanum Kangal Mella is a superb composition - Nice comparison..........
  6. SATHYA167

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    ARR is known for minimal deviation from the root scale / notes. There is no deviation at all in this song.

    The melody follows the sankarabharanam raga (Bhilawal raga in hindusthani) notes without any deviation.

    As the song is in F Major, the melody is fully within the F Major scale notes.

    Here we go with the tabs for the song.

    Pick, play and enjoy............ & do post your views / comments................ Sathya

    Note: There may be version issues for this pdf file. This is version 9.

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    sir you have western chords for this sir?
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  9. SATHYA167

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    Thanks Rajesh.

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