Tabs for the song Thenmerkku Paruvakkatru Theni Pakkam from Karuthamma - ARR's Hit

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    Can we now see a fast number? Really need to pick notes on fast tempo mode.

    The song is 'Thenmerkku Paruvakkatru Theni Pakkam Veesum Podhu Saaral' from Karuthamma.

    This is one of my ARR's favourite - Such a floating melody, little bit huskiness in voice and a pleasing music.

    This song is in pure Karaharapriya ragam with notes s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n2 S.

    This is ragam is surrounded by 3 other ragams whose notes are same as the 3 western minor scale. The notes of this ragam is not fitting into any of the 3 minor scale due to difference in A & B notes.

    The western notes if we take 's' as 'D' comes to D E F G A B C D. This is nothing but notes for the Dorian Mode Scale.

    Dorian Mode happens when the C Major notes are played starting from D instead of C. The resulting notes converted into carnatic notes exactly tally with that of Karaharapriya ragam.

    This is song is in D Minor and we will be playing the song in the following tabs:

    E--------------------7--8--10------10--8--7----------------------- E
    B-------------8--10----------------------------10--8-------------- B
    G--7--9--10--------------------------------------------10--9--7--- G

    So happy playing the Dorian Mode Notes / Raga. The tabs for the song follows shortly.....

    Pick, Play & Enjoy................... & do post your comments................. Sathya
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    Here we go with the tabs:

    -------Thenmaerku Paruva Katru Thaeni Pakkam Veesum Poadhu Saral Inba Saral
    G-------7--910-10--10-10-10--10-10---9--9-----10--9----7--7-----9--5----7-7----9-5---7-7-- G

    Themmangu Pa***kondu Silu Silu Vendru Sinthuthamma Thooral Muthu Thooral
    B---------------------------8-10----8-8--8-8-------------------------------------------------------- B
    G------7--910-10----10-10----------------------10--10----9--7--9--5--7---7--------9--5--7-7-- G

    ------ Vengattu Pakkak Kalli Sattendru Mottu Vida
    ------ Sengattu Silli Sedi Sillendru Poovedukka
    B----------------------8--10-10-------8--10------------------- B
    G-------7-95-7----9----------------9------------10-9--9-75--- G

    ---------Thalattil Illatha Sangeetha Sarangal Parattum Un Pattil Nan Kaetkiraen (*2)
    E--------------------------------------8---------------------8--8---8-7--------------------------- E
    B--------8-10-10--10-10-10---10-10--------10-8-8----10----------------8----8---10--10--10------ B
    G------9------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G

    ------- Mazhai Thuli Enna Thavam Than Seythathoa Malar Konda Marbodu Thottaduthey
    B----------------------------------------------------------8----10---108----------------- B
    G-------5-7---9-7---7-7---7-7--7---7--7---9-5--57----9------9-----------9-----97-7-7-- G

    ------ Mazhai Thuli Thotta Idam Nee Theendavoa Ninaikkayil Ulloora Kallooruthey
    B----------------------------------------------------------8-----10-10---8---10--8---------- B
    G-------5-7---9-7-7---7--77--7--7-----7--9-5-7--------9-----9----------------------979---- G

    Enjoy playing this song and do post your comments........................ Sathya
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    Here is the attachment.................. Sathya

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    Thank you sir


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