Tabs for the song Thaniyae Thannan Thaniyae from Rhythm - ARR + SM Combo Hit

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    This is an ambitious attempt of a song which is made once in a blue moon.

    AR Rahman's tune with lovely BGM coupled with Shankar Mahadevan's gifted performance had taken this song to a different level.

    All the more, do watch this song in video - A very nice picturisation indeed.

    SM's vocal range is something extra large. The song goes deep high into the higher octave.

    The song is in D Minor. Normally, I take 'D' from G7 position.

    This means the high notes of the higher octave goes to E17 position, which is difficult to play in acoustic.

    Electric guitar is ideal for this song.

    So I am taking the middle octave from A5 position and higher octave from G7 position.

    Playing these tabs and moving around the octaves are quite difficult and so need more practice to play and enjoy this song.

    So don't worry, if you are not getting in one go.

    Hope you will enjoy playing this lovely number.....

    Pick, Play and Enjoy & do post your views / comments.................. Sathya

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