Tabs for the song Thakita Thadhimi from Salangai Oli - IR's Classical Melody

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    This is a song from the Kamal Hasan’s blockbuster film ‘Salangai Oli’. This film is also a musical hit with Maestro’s all classical tunes. The song ‘Thakita Thadhimi’ is no exception to the mixing of classical raga to the filimi tune. IR’s composition has no words to express.

    Let us see how to play this song in guitar. This is also a request from the Forum. The song is quite easy.

    This song is a classical example of playing raga in thin E string, which we are looking into nowadays.

    The song is in E Minor and based on ‘Shanmugapriya’ raga notes. The raga goes like s r2 g2 m2 p d1 n2 S.

    If m2 is replaced by m1 it becomes natural minor – Natabhairavi raga.

    The raga can be played as under in High E. Both Carnatic and western notes are given. You can try your hand.


    The whole song is within these notes. Someone can try out this song.

    To help you to start, here is a hint. The first two lines are based only on 3 notes – s r2 g2.

    Listen to the song and do attempt to play this song.

    The tabs will be uploaded next week.

    Pick, play and enjoy and do post your views / comments. . . .Sathya
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    :dance: waiting for this song ... :think:
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    epo varum ji boli hai ..
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    The song is in E Minor chord family with raised fourth note to accommodate 'm2'.

    So A# chord will come instead of the usual A Minor in the 4th position.

    The tab positions are the same as E Minor scale notes except raised 4th note - A# instead of A (of E Minor scale family).

    The tabs are given in the attached file. It is difficult to play unless you are familiar with the tempo of the song.

    The song is a fast number and so you need flexibility to move around the fret board.

    Pick, Play, Try and Enjoy this song & do post your views / comments................. Sathya

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    Expecting this kind of song. Will Try it out.

    Thank you brother.

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