Tabs for the song Sangeetha Maegam from Uthaya Geetham

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    Uthaya Geetham - A musical hit film - Mohan + SPB + IR combo. All the songs are super hits.

    Let us see the tabs for the song 'Sangeetha Maegam Then Sindum Naeram' a melody by SPB with background music by IR.

    I love this song. It is so pleasant and melodious to hear and I am sure that you will start humming the song, if you listen.

    The song is set in Natabhairavi raga which is C Minor in western music. The tabs will also be presented taking 's' as 'C'

    The chords for the song, I think, starts with Am.

    I do not know whether there is any disconnect here, but the notes are well within C Minor scale.

    I will be uploading the file today night........ So watch out this thread.................. Sathya
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    Here we go.........

    As said earlier, the tabs are in C Minor scale. If you want to keep the same chords scales as originally used in the song, each tab / note can be picked 3 frets prior to the one shown in the attachment.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy. . . . . . . & do post your comments. . . . . . . . Sathya

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    that was good sathya.. thanks a lot..
    I find some minute missings... I shall come back to u after playing for sometime....
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    Thank you sir


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