Tabs for the song Raja Kaiyavacha from Apoorva Sagodarargal - Kamal + IR Hit

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    While Viswaroopam issues settles down, let us see a Kamal song in IR's music....

    Raja (IR) kaiya vacha adhu wronga poguma? Never................

    This is a superb chennai tamil song sung by none other than Kamal himself.

    Raja has done a lot of experiment in this song - I would say....

    The song starts with A major scale and in the charanam the melody shifts completely to C major scale.

    As far as the chords are concerned, the song starts with A Major and moves to C Major in charanam and comes back to A Major towards the end. Of course, there are other chords in between - atleast I see E in the end as a bridge to move from C to A

    All this is done possibly to suit the way the song is sung by Kamal or a pure Raja punch - beyond my music knowledge.

    Though the song moves to C scale in charanam, the tabs are given in A scale only and if you wish you can move up the notes to 3 frets in the charanam bit. But still I hope you will enjoy playing this song as tabbed.

    The song starts like this:

    E------------------------------2----------2----------------- E
    B--------------2--3--5---5--5-----5----5-----2--3---3------- B
    G-----2--2--4----------------------------------------------- G

    I will upload the full tabs tonight - till then enjoy these tabs............ Sathya
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    Here we go with the complete tabs.

    Pick, play and enjoy and do post your views / comments............... Sathya

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    Thanks Sathya... Paavam kamal, nondhu noolayuttaru...
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