Tabs for the song Pudu Map****aikku Nalla Yogamada from Aboorva Sagodharargal

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    I love this happy number by IR + Kamal combination - Very pleasing music and singing.

    Presenting tabs for the song Pudu Map****aikku Nalla Yogamada from Aboorva Sagodharargal.

    See how the song flow through the tabs - Fantastic song for any instrument.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy.............. & do not forget to post your comments............... Sathya

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  2. dhaneesh.ds

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    Thanku for this post...
  3. Thanks a lot for the post bro.... awesome tabs.
    You could've used sliding at a few places than plain notes to make it sound better.

    For example, in the second line "Andha Manmagaldhaan", instead of playing D7 D7 G6 G6 G6 G7 G9 , as you've suggested, I think D7 D7 G6 G6 G6s7 G9 , where you slide from G6 to G7 sounds more convincing.
    IllayaRaja does use a lot of slide in his songs.
    Thanks a lot again
  4. Sir,
    Can i have the notes for "Bababari" vocal in this song.... i.e. Pudhu mappilaikku... baabaabari..nalla yogamada.... baababari
  5. SATHYA167

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    It is 4 times G7 for the first one and 4 times G6 for the second one.....
  6. SATHYA167

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    The prelude in fact, starts like this:

  7. SATHYA167

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    You are welcome. Why 'Sir' and all? You can address me as Sathya.
  8. it's a habit Sir :)
    Habits are hard to change

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