Tabs for the song Poove Sempoove Un Vaasam Varum - IR + KJY Melody Hit

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    Poove Sempoove Un Vaasam Varum from the film Solla Thu***kuthu Manasu is an awesome melody.

    IR has done superb music in this song. I think KJY sung this song in the last IR's musical night.

    You must listen and play the introduction guitar bit - quite pleasant one. You can get the details here in this link:

    Poovae Sempoovae Un Vasam Varum Intro Illayaraja Guitar Tune Tamil Song Lesson - YouTube

    The song is in D Major and so we will be playing the song in D octave using D Major scale notes (of course with deviation, if needed).

    Enjoy the intro music and the chord and watch this thread for tabs for this beautiful melodious song............ Sathya
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    Really nice. Thanks for the link.............. Working on tabs........ Will come back soon............. Sathya
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    pls give me the tabs asap. that would be great :)
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    Here we go with the tabs.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy the melody & do not forget to put your views / comments............... Sathya

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    Im in the office just worried... guitar is not here... :(
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    Thanks SAthya... :)
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    Recently in the Chennai Meet (02/02/2014), we had a jamming session on this song. The video is already available in this forum.

    I am revisiting this song and this is an attempt to play the same in a single string.

    Just try these tabs and see the magical flow of the song in ease...............

    Hope you will enjoy this version.... (You may now skip the earlier tabs..)

    Pick, Play and Enjoy & do post your views / comments............ Sathya

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