Tabs for the song Pattu Poovae Mettu Paadu from Chembaruthi - IR's Super Hit Song

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    Chembaruthi, this 10 year old movie was a blockbuster and box office hit - Roja got introduced in this film

    IR had done 6 songs in this film - all the songs and the BGM were highly acclaimed by one and all

    Presenting the tabs for the song "Pattu Poovae Mettu Paadu" - You must listen to this song before playing the tabs.

    See how Mano and SJ had sung this number - each one trying to outperform the other in melody as if they are in a competition.

    Also watch how the notes move - for example "poove" - From E(2) to E(9) tab.

    The song is composed in A Major chord and follows Sankarabharanam raga except touching 'm2' in two places.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy this very nice melody .................... and do post your views / comments . . . . . Sathya

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  2. pearlmaharajan

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    pallavi and all ... very good... and easily playable.. but the saranam is getting too tight.. could not make it... hope needs some more practice..
  3. SATHYA167

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    I agree with you Pearl. Charanam is quite slow paced and requires practice.

    I put lot of songs, not many of them may be suitable for guitar - from the point of getting a good feel while playing the song.

    Some of them will be quite good and enjoyable while playing - mostly the songs which are good for instruments.

    My purpose of song selection is either from different raga or specialty or popularity of the song / music or different scale or modes or artists so that we can try multiple compositions and learn...... Thanks for your comments ......... Sathya
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    Thank u


  5. djadamz

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    any western note sir..:)

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