Tabs for the song Naan Thedum Sevvandhi Poo Idhu - IR's Masterpiece

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    Yesterday evening (at 8 p.m) I was listening to this song (in Jaya TV) performed by IR in one of his musical concert. It was a replay of the old recording. What to describe the mood / reaction of the audience when IR started the 'Aalapanai' - an interlude of this song.

    Such a mesmerising voice and melody. This song is one of the masterpiece of IR.

    You must listen to the song to get the feel. It is lovely / masterly combination of classical western and carnatic raga. I am not a carnatic specialist (neither classical western) - I try to understand that's all - I think the rhythm is not carnatic atleast to this raga. The song is a marvelous fusion I would say of western and carnatic and hence so lively to listen.

    The song is set in Hindolam ragam ( I would say a semi-classical song) and the chord is in G Minor.

    I am starting 's' in the root note 'G'.

    The song starts off with unmatched carnatic raga style and later touches a foreign note as indicated in the attached file.

    You may not get this song in one go. The song is highly gamakam oriented. You need patience to get into the flow.

    For example, Naan Thedum starts like "gm m gs". If you are not getting this, you may try "g m(hold this for little long time) gs".

    You can ignore the second note (in all other places as well) initially and try the song before you get into the correct flow.

    High gamakam oriented songs are quite difficult to play in guitar.

    Other noteable IR songs in this raga would include "Dharisanam Kidaikkatha in the film Alaigal Oayvadhillai" and "Pothi Vacha Malligai Mottu in the film Man Vaasanai"

    Pick, Play & Enjoy ................ & post your comments.......................... Sathya

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    thanks sathyaa... will try this at home today...
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    thanks for sharing
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    Thanks Raghu

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