Tabs for the song - Maniye Manikkuyile from Nadodi Thendtal - IR Melody

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    I do not have any words to express myself for this melody - Maniye Manikkuyile song from Nadodi Thendral.

    The song is in E Minor and is set well within natural minor scale notes.

    This song will be played in high E string and so the following tabs will be used:

    E ---0--2--3--5--7--8--10--12------- E.

    Play the tabs:

    E --------7-7--7-------5-7--8-7--7------------ E

    Yes you have just played 'Maniye Manikkuyile' - IR sings these two words and the song is then completed by SPB + VJ

    The tabs will be uploaded shortly.........Please keep watching this thread.

    In the mean time you can get your fingers moving on the above tabs.

    Happy playing................... & Enjoy...................... Sathya
  2. pearlmaharajan

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    another sensational hit of all time
  3. sivahar6

    sivahar6 New Member

    thanks sathya, i love this song, waiting for the tabs
  4. sivahar6

    sivahar6 New Member

    can you please upload tabs for the song "Aagayaa vennilave tharai meethu vanthatheno" from movie Arangetta velai.

  5. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Sure Siva, I will try. But the song is quite heavy for guitar due to high classical base - KJY and Uma Ramanan had done a musical magic in this song and it is one of my favourite too. May require more simplification of notes. I am bit busy in both personal and official work and I will comeback soon and put all the tabs........ Sathya
  6. SATHYA167

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    The chord for this song starts with Em and progresses to Am and D occasionally touching G

    Later in the charanam it touches Bm and E4 and all the chords are well within the Em family

    The notes also stay within the Em scale. As it may be difficult for some people to play the song in single string, I will upload (tonight) two files one showing the tabs in single string and another showing tabs in multiple strings. You can choose anyone as per your convenience and there will be no difference as we are within Em scale tabs. I prefer playing in multiple strings as the finger movement is quite easy.

    The tabs in multiple strings is taken as:


    Incidentally, the song ‘Agaaya Vennilave’ is also in Em scale and the above same tabs will be used. You can therefore set your fingers firmly to get two songs. Happy practice.............. Sathya
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    sir come on pls.. it has been so many days ... pls post soon
  8. sivahar6

    sivahar6 New Member

    thanks for the reply,

    take your time.

  9. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Here we go with the tabs. Please do post your views / comments................. Sathya
  10. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    thanks... couldnt try yesterday... will to today..
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