Tabs for the song Mandram Vandha Thendralukku - An IR blockbuster song

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    Presenting the tabs for the song Mandram Vandha Thendralukku from the film Mouna Raagam - A blockbuster musical hit film.

    The music for this song is amazing - It is worth experimenting the same little more in detail.

    The song starts in D minor and in the second stanza there are more chord progressions. I think more suspended chords and 7 chords are used.

    I have a question for Rajesh / Thamboo - If we assume that the pattern II, V I is used for chord progression, can I say that the original chord is C minor? In fact, the BGM of this movie starts in C Minor - I can hear the notes ga2, p, d1, p as the starting notes. I would like your views on this. I expect others also to comment freely to help in better understanding of the chord pattern.

    Listen this song. Awesome tune - more like Jazz type as more 7 chords are used.

    I expect a lively participation from one and all with more contributions / corrections to what I have posted.

    In the meantime, pick, play and enjoy the song . . . . . . . . . Sathya

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  2. vs.suresh

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    Chords for this song please....
  3. SATHYA167

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    Chords are quite complicated and uses a variety of chordal substitutes. I give below, what I have with me:

    Pallavi - Dm, F, C#+Dm, Gm, CF, Gm CC#0

    Charanam - Dm9, FM7, BbM7, C, F, C#+ / A / Bb & C+

    I also understand that the bass progression moves at half steps.
  4. roentgen

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    (Dm)Aahhh........ (BbM7)aahhh
    (Dm)Aaah....... (Bb)...... (C).... (F)..... (Dm)...

    (Dm)Manram vandha thenralukku manjam vara nenjam illaiyoa
    Anbae en an(C#aug)bae
    (Dm)Thottavudan suttadhenna kattazhagu vatta nilavoa
    Kannae en kannae
    (F)Boopaalamaeee(C#aug)eee.... (F)koodadhe(Bb)num.........
    (C)Vaanam (F)undoa (Gm)sol.. (C..C#dim..Dm)mandram

    (Dm)thaamarai maelae (FM7)neerththuli pol
    (Bb)Thalaivanum (C)thalaviyum (F)vaazhvadhe(C#aug)nna
    (Dm)Nanbargal polae (FM7)vaazhvadharku
    (Bb)maalaiyum (C)maelamum (F)thaevaiye(C#aug)nna
    (A)Sondhangalae illaamal bandha paasam kollaamal
    Poovae un vaazhkaidhaan e(Bb)nna (Am)sol

    Rajesh :music:
  5. SATHYA167

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    That's so nice of you Rajesh. I will do try this tonight. Hi Guys, there are two or three videos of this song in You Tube where you will get the strumming pattern. Good luck for playing this song................. Sathya
  6. The song was used by Raja Sir in "Cheeni kum".... try searching "cheeni kum hai" in youtube... the song has a very beautiful melodious tune.
    Sathya Sir... you could look up the lyrics and post the tabs in hindi forum too.... there are many people who will enjoy playing this :)
  7. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Yes, I am aware about this. Let me try that out..... Sathya

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