Tabs for the song Konjum Mynaakkale from Kandudonden Kandukonden

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    This is a nice song with simple music. ARR isaiyil Mynavum Konjum through Sadhana Sargam.

    The song is fully within normal minor scale notes.

    The tabs are given in E Minor scale notes.

    Pick, Play & Enjoy and do post your views............................. Sathya

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  2. SATHYA167

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    Sharing the chords for this song as tabbed by Rajesh.................... Sathya

    (B4add7)konjum mainaakkaLae (D)konjum mainaakkaLae
    en (B4add7)kural kaettu onRu koodungaL (2)
    ada inRae varavaeNdum en dheepaavaLi paNdigai
    in(B4)Rae varavaeNdum en dheepaavaLi paNdigai
    naaLai veRum kanavu adhil nalleNNam varum
    naam nattadhae roajaa enRae pookkaNum

    (E)pagalil oru (B)veNNilaa...
    (A)pagalil oru (B)veNNilaa van(C#m7)dhaal (AM7)paavamaa
    Ira(E)vil oru vaana(B)vil van(C#m7)dhaal (AM7)kutramaa
    Vidai (B)sol sol sol manasukkuL jal jal jal (2)
    konjam (E)aasai konjam kanavu ivai (D6)illaamal vaazhkkaiyaa
    (E7)nooRu kanavugaL kaNdaalae (A)aaRu kanavugaL palikkaadhoa
    (B4)kanavae (Am)kai saera (Bm)vaa


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  3. Sathya Sir,
    Thanks for the beautiful songs.
    A small doubt, In the end of the first line, should we play 97, or go up with 9-11?
    One reason can be that the lyrics are slightly different in tamil and telugu, and i have heard the telugu version more.
  4. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    It is 9 - 7 only......
  5. v.raghura87

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    Thank you sir


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