Tabs for the song Kaadhal Kavidhaigal Padithidum Naeram - An IR's Super Hit

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    Take your guitar and play the following notes:

    E ----------------------7--8----8--7---------------------- E
    B ---------5--6--8--9-----------------9--8--6--5--------- B
    G --5--6-------------------------------------------6--5-- G

    You will hear a pleasant melody of notes s r1 g3 m1 p d1 n3 S

    This is a popular carnatic raga Mayamalavagowlai - The first raga that is taught to a new carnatic music student.

    We assume that 's' corresponds to Western 'C'

    I like this melody / tune as it is quite pleasing to me.

    IR has done a wonderful song in this raga - Kaadhal Kavidhaigal Padithidum Naeram (KKPN)

    A song with vibrating melody - A marvelous tune I would say.

    A super hit song by SPB & Chitra in the film Gopura Vasalile (GV).

    In fact, GV is a musical hit movie - There are two more hit classical numbers.

    We will be playing KKPN soon in this raga in these same tab positions - The song is also in C Major.

    Every raga has different melody / tune and different 'Proyogam' (the way the notes are handled).

    So listen to the song -Understand the rhythm / tempo / the places where you need to pause or hold the notes before attempting this song in guitar.

    The song is set in pure Mayamalavagowlai ragam and the tabs will be uploaded tonight.

    Incidentally, this is my 200th post in IGT.

    So happy practice and playing ....................... Sathya
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    Thanks Sathya for sharing this information...

    It is a pleasant raga... I dont know much about the ragas and all... but this was taught by my master... it has a pleasant sound...

    and about the film... first Tamil movie by Priyadharshan... nice romantic thriller... and abt the films music... this film has one of the best BGM on INdian films... right from the start of the movie opening where four friends meet and the train starts... Ilayaraja starts his mastery on music... all the 5 songs were a big hit of that time... actually I should be a 3yr kind when the movie released... I collected most of the songs of that period and vital info about the film and music from one of my neighbor who is a core fan of IR...

    if my memory is good.. below are the songs of that movie... all of them were heart-warming music...

    1. naadham elundhadhadi..
    2. Devadhai poloru.. (already Roentgen has given the chords for this song.. which I almost play everyday night :) )
    3. Priyasagi... o.. priyasagi..
    4. Kadhal kavidhaigal... (a song before the tragedy in the movie...)
    5. Keladi en pavaiye... (again thanks to Roentgen)
    6. Thaalatum poongaatru... (if somebody can help with this song.. it would be great... Roentgen... pls..)
  3. SATHYA167

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    Thanks for the reply. This film and the music are too good and pleasant and all the songs are my favourites. Naadham Ezhundhadhadi is KJY's popular hit and raga based. Thaalatum Poongatru by Janaki is again a raga based and I have the tabs for this song. I have not played it yet though completed the tabbing. Again all these songs are highly carnatic based and the tunes / emotions in some part of the songs can not be fully reflected through tabs.

    By playing / picking the tabs we can not get raga all the time - To get the raga we should try to get the nuances of the raga notes & if the raga is gamakam prone, it is further more difficult to tab and play in guitar.

    I have problem in uploading the attachments in this system. So all uploading happens at home in the evening....... Sathya
  4. pearlmaharajan

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    k. thanks in advance...

    thaalattum poongaatru.. is highly expected Sathya...
  5. SATHYA167

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    Here we go.... Back in home to attach the tabs for this song.

    Pick, Play & Enjoy . . . . . . . . . . . . & do post your views. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sathya

    Regarding 'Thaalattum Poongatru (TP)' song, I would like to simplify the notes in few places. This song is also carnatic based and the tune is little more difficult than the present song under discussion.

    TP is set in raga - Simmendra Madhyamam and I see more than 4 or 5 notes coming up together in 3 or 4 places, which have to be trimmed to suit our way of playing the song. Give me some time to do this research and I will upload the tabs once I am convinced about the tabs...... Sathya

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  6. pearlmaharajan

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    thats good... opening i played.. no probs... rest I have to try...

    thanks a lot dude...

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