Tabs for the song - Endan Nenjil Neengaada Thendral Nee Dana from the film Kalaingyan

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  1. SATHYA167

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    Here is the tab for the first two lines:

    Endan Nenjil Neengada Thendral Nee Daana

    E -------------------------------------------
    A --5-----7---------5--4--5----7---------
    D -----4-----5--4------------4-----5--4----

    Sa Ga Ri Ma Ga Sa ni Sa Ga Ri Ma Ga

    Ennam Engum Nee Paadum Dir Dir Thillana

    E -------------------------------------------
    A --5-----7---------5--4--55-----7---------
    D -----4-----5--4--------------4-----5--4----

    This song is set in raag - Nalina Kanthi

    The further lines are too complicated for me to try and play.

    Can anyone take this ahead further?

    One of my favourite song of the Music Genious Ilayaraja.
  2. SATHYA167

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    Tab for the song "Enthan Nejil Neengatha Thendral Nee Dhaana"


    Presenting the notes for the complete song. This is highly carnatic based one set in raga - Nalinakanthi - A vakra janya ragam.

    No one can beat the way in which KJ has sung this number. It is quite difficult in guitar. It should be good in harmonium / piono ....

    The tabs are based notes as I got from net. As usual "s" corresonds to "D" of western scale.

    Try this and do give simple solution, if possible.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy............... Do not forget to leave your comments.................... Sathya

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  3. thamboo

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    Kandukondein Kandukondein is also Nalinakanthi
  4. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Yes. But AR uses a lot of half notes in his music which makes it difficult to follow the raga pattern. I will try this and put the tabs, if I can do the same.... Sathya
  5. thamboo

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    it may take years for anybody to pick the Raaga Bhavam of each and every raagam; listening to classical carnatic composition renditions under specific raagams and following through them with diligence will be they price to be payed to get that skill; there are few raagams which can be identified in film songs just because of the unique raagam bhavam and reetigowlai is an example; especially it is quite evident with Vakra raagams just because of the convoluted nature which can be identified but not always
  6. SATHYA167

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    Yes I agree....
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    Hi Sathya167 ,
    thanks for the tabs :)

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    Thanks Sathya and thamboo..

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    Hey thanks for the tabs dude.. :)
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    thanks sathya..!

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