Tabs for the song Aayiram Malargale Malurungal from NMP - IR's Hit Song

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    Having seen the chords for this song, let us see the Tab as well.

    The song is a fantastic IR number – a perfect fusion of Western and Carnatic music.

    The song is set in raga Suddha Dhanyasi, which has notes as s g2 m1 p n2 S exactly matching with a minor pentatonic western notes.

    For this song, we will be using the following F Minor pentatonic scale position:


    There is an accidental note and we will be using G 12 twice as we proceed with the song. All other tabs, if any found in the song, will be part of F Minor pentatonic scale notes only.

    Please practise these tabs for better finger movements. The idea of giving these descriptions is to know what we play rather than just play the tabs for the sake of playing the song. Learning these basics will help you in identifying songs in the long run.

    Look forward to this thread for complete tabs to be posted soon……. Sathya
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    Here we go with the tabs.......

    Hope you will enjoy this song.....

    Pick, Play and Enjoy.............. & do post your views / comments............... Sathya

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