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Discussion in 'Telugu Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by swarupa, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. swarupa

    swarupa New Member

    hi guys, dis z swarupa n am a beginner, knows 2 play only tabs n not yet chords. so plz if hav any telugu songs plz do send me in tabs form. thx all.
  2. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    you telugu people (especially)... y do you want to post telugu songs in tamil category... there is a special division by that can post it there...the vice-versa to tamil people posting their division...
    sorry if im wrong...

  3. saratchaitanya

    saratchaitanya New Member


    Hey you there....
    Can you please post the link of the telugu division under this website?
    It would be very useful.....
  4. jammerules

    jammerules New Member

    Why is there no sub section for Telugu songs????

    You are wrong, Moron....First get to know that there is no seperate section for Telugu songs which is very very very unfortunate. No one wants to "post" in aravam (tamil) forums dude...get a life. In fact I am going to point this out to the admins as to why there is no separate section for Telugu songs.
  5. anuragprathyush

    anuragprathyush New Member

    hey [lease create a special section for telugu songssssssssssssssss

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