Tabs for Poovukkellam Siragu Mulaithathu from Uyirodu Uyiraaga

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  1. SATHYA167

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    Please see this video. It is amazing and an excellent piece of work.

    Poovukellam Siragu - YouTube

    I see the following notes being played - s r2 g3 p d2 S, which is a pure Mohanam.

    The western notes are C D E G A of C major scale.

    The song is being played in these 5 notes taking 's' as "D", i.e D E F# A B.

    Watch the video and try. If any one is having notes or tabs, please put the same.

    Please do tell me if my comments are wrong................. Sathya
  2. johnyguitar

    johnyguitar New Member

    Plz put the tabs for this
  3. Sathya SIr,
    I could play the first few notes, but it didn't sound right with the given tabs.
    the first line "poovukellam Siragu" I played using d f# e f# f#slideg e f# e d d a a e d e

    I've heard this song for the first time and will need some listening before i can tab it further, but as of now, the tune looks like to be in G major scale. I have no knowledge at ragas.
    Kindly chip in a word about the raga, and i'll try looking it up.

  4. kaarthik

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    Bro can i get tabs for this?

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