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  1. sanjeevbabu

    sanjeevbabu Member

    i was busy doing music for films for the last couple of i am slightly free and i can give you tabs for old malayalam songs if you give the can also log on to my sites by searching SANJEEVBABU in google. thank you
  2. aswinpaps

    aswinpaps New Member

    Sanjeev Hi....Can i Have the Chords for the song KATHODU KATHORAM and Devadoothar Padi from th emovie KATHODU KATHORAM
  3. lin_dcr

    lin_dcr New Member

    can you post the chords of followings songs
    1. vaishaga sandyeeeee
    2. oooooo mridulee (old song)
    3.neela vana cholayeeee neenthidunna chandrike
    4.tabs and chords of sugamo devi
    5. innumente kannu neeril
  4. sunny_v1

    sunny_v1 New Member

    Hi Sanjeevbabu: Could you post tabs for "Kalbanu Fathima"? Thanks - Sunny
  5. melz

    melz New Member

    hi, could u post tabs for ponveene from thalavattom?
  6. vishi1966

    vishi1966 New Member

  7. vishi1966

    vishi1966 New Member


    Hi Sanjeev babu,

    Saw your thread about tabs for old malayalam songs and never did see anything posted so far..

    I would be highly obliged to you if you can post the tabs for song

    mamankam ...pala kuri...kondadi .....nilayude theerangal...navaaayil


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