Tabs for Give me some sunshine- 3 idiots

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  1. vb-vella

    vb-vella New Member

    Hello to everyone.

    This is my first tab so please do tell me if you feel they are wrong.
    I really liked the song ans it is played mostly on an acoustic guitar.

    The tabs I figured are...

    Capo on first fret...

    C F Dsus4 -3 times
    then, for the fourth time, use the same chords but with slightly different strumming.

    verses are the same and so is the chorus.
    It is only for the guitar which plays throughout the song.
    If some one can come up with the electric guitar riff in between, it would be great.
    Please point out if you feel they are wrong.
  2. coool_killler

    coool_killler New Member

    can u give the strumming pattern
  3. shekhar music

    shekhar music New Member

    d d u d u d d there is muting after da first strum
  4. alaba

    alaba New Member

    Strumming .. is d-d-u-u on first chord then single d on the second!!
  5. jimmy_cool

    jimmy_cool The Coolest One!!

    its simple G and Cadd9 yaar no capo....

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