tabs for bombay vikings/lucky ali songs?

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  1. preezer369

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    Does anyone have TABS(not chords) for any bombay vikings or lucky ali songs?
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  3. preezer369

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    thanks anyways...
  4. Black

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    i ve posted few songs by luck ali.....
    search this site with lucky ali as the search word.....
    which songs tab do u need....
    maybe i can help......

  5. preezer369

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  6. vishix

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    chords for "O Sanam from Lucky ALi"

    Her it goes guys its the first time i m posting .... please bear me :beer:

    Strumming patter is -> Down Down UpUpUP Down.

    The intro is like
    Hmmmm Hmm hmm hmmmmmmmmmm
    Shaam sawere teri yaadein aati hain
    G-------Am---- ----G------D
    Aake dil ko mere yu tadpati hain
    O Sanam mohabbat ki kasam, hMMMMMMM
    Milke bichad na to dastoor ho gaya
    G-------Am---- ----G------D
    Yadoon mein teri main jo door hogaya
    O Sanam teri yadoon ki kasam HMMMMMM
    Samjhe zamaana ke dil he khilona
    Jaana hai ab kya hai dil ka lagana
    Nazroon se na yu humko girana
    Mar bhi gaye toh bhul na jaana.

    Reapeat the chords like shaam sawere ...

    Ankhon mein bassee ho
    Par door ho kaheen
    Dil ke kareeb ho
    Yeh mujhko hai yakeen
    O Sanam tere pyar ki kasam.

    lOVE vISHI .. pLEASE SORT OUT MY MISTAKES .... :rockon:
  7. its4ashish

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    Please send the tab of this song

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