Tabs for Adiyae kolludhey

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  1. yuvrajkailash

    yuvrajkailash New Member

    Hi can anyone post the tabs for the song Adiyae kolludhey....the Electric guitar part in the starting and also the chords and strumming pattern for the song ...
  2. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

    search in igt.....
  3. yuvrajkailash

    yuvrajkailash New Member

    its not there dude !!
  4. yuvrajkailash

    yuvrajkailash New Member

    is there not anyone in igt who knows this???? help a newbie !!!!
  5. arumugam

    arumugam New Member

    New member

    Hello...I am a new member.....
  6. arumugam

    arumugam New Member

    Can anybody give the note diagram and strumm pattern for the starting music for the song 'En Iniya Pon Nilave' from the movie 'Moodupani'.....
  7. Pickfingered

    Pickfingered New Member

    Hi, It was already there. Actually I came to this website by searching for this awesome song only. Anyways I have this URL but the system is not allowing me as I can give URL only after 15 posts it seems. Idiotic, Weird, but anyways... just type in and / and paste this after that... showthread.php?p=387211#post387211

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