Tabs For '3' Danush BGM...Please ~

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  1. kingmaker

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    Hello Guys.. im new here.. and itz ma 1st i hope you guys can help me..i need tabs for the BGm of ''3'' Danush...

    Why i Want the tabs so badly.. Just listen guys.. some music takes ur soul away... this music has the power to do that! Thats y i want to play that song so badly.. ANyone who knows... please Help me ... Thanks in Advance

    Here's the Youtube Link for the SOng : 3 Tamil Movie BGM (High Quality) - YouTube

    ♫ ℓєηgн ♫
  2. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    Bumpsss... Somebody ? , Anybody ?
  3. Lovely tune.... Seniors,a little help here....
  4. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

  5. avanzm

    avanzm New Member

    i am also looking for BGMS..Please suggest where to find Various BGMS Notes ..Speacially this request from movie 3 great.. please someone post the Tabs..
  6. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    BUmps... any senior guitar players or proffesional players.. plz reply.. Urgent~
  7. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    Anyone? BUmpsss
  8. kingmaker

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  9. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    I can understand the frustration. My problem is time. I manage my work elsewhere without guitar. Back at home I hardly get free time to do this research. Tabbing BGM is more time consuming than tabbing songs, which can be done otherwise without guitar...... Sathya
  10. avanzm

    avanzm New Member

    HI Friends , may be the Interlude or intro tabs of the Poo nee poo is really good. could any one can help on this.. @ sathya u r absolutly right , the BGMs might take a lot of time and patience .. But if u have any Intro tabs please post them on this forum sir.. kind request
  11. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    @abhishekmalyala ... Bro i have managed to arrange the tabs for the first 30 secs...sorry if it sounds wrong.... i Hope u can finish the song :D

    E---0-7-0---0-7-5-3-0-2 (4x)

  12. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    SATHYA167 sir.. wow u can tab a song without a guitar.. sounds really cool
  13. true sir.... i too am struggling to find free time.. just got into a new job :)

    Yeah...tabbing BGMs is a very time taking process... i tabbed a hindi song lead in one two sittings of 2-3 hours... but the theme of 7G rainbow alone took me three sittings spread one week apart ;)
  14. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    The song is known, the tune is known and so also the base raga (This is important for me to stay within a set of notes). This makes me to tab the lyrics without guitar. Sometimes, the notes may be available in web. I do play the tabs on week-ends, satisfy myself before putting the same in IGT.

    But BGM & all require repeated hearing, playing and sitting with guitar and I really struggle for such free extra long hours.

    I also admit my poor ability to tab a tune without spending much time. People with good music (classical) background, of course, catch things quite easily and start playing immediately. I do not have any music background. Whatever, I write about raga & all are the one read by me while attempting a particular song. It will take me more time to tab something by just listening tune or music.

    So far, I could tab only one song with the only help of raga back ground - That was tabs for Harivarasanam - Yet I could not complete the song. Only the starting bit I could do. The song list, tune list and the individual requirement is infinite. I wish some one will help each requirement.
  15. Cool bro.... You've nailed the first part...

    just a couple of things when you play....

    1. try to avoid using the 0 note or free string, it will always sound better if you use the corresponding note on the lower string.
    for example > use the fifth fret on B string instead of the free e string when you start this bit.

    2. try to tab using more strings.

    I think you have great potential of becoming a good tabber :)

    As for this bit of music, i think it is in D major scale and there should be no "f" in it.
    So, i've rearranged your first part and changed the second part from f-f-f#-e-f to f#-f#-g-e-f#

    First part>

    These notes are played in violin, but When the above notes are played in keyboard later in the song, they are slightly changed to


    Second part:

    Anyways, thanks for the start, now you just need the notes for the flute part of Idhazhin Oram
  16. Kingmaker,

    these are the tabs for starting the flute part


    try to continue on this.... or, i'll do it after office hours tonight :)

  17. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    How long are you playing guitar bro ?
  18. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    Awesome Broo!!! Just Awesome!! Thank You Very much :D ..

    #Thanx For the Advice on Tabbing....Really Appreciate it

    Your Version of This Anirudh's Masterpiece Sounds way too better than mine...

    Btw, I am a beginner... I Have No Idea What you meant by ''D major scale and there should be no "f" in it.
    So, i've rearranged your first part and changed the second part from f-f-f#-e-f to f#-f#-g-e-f#''
  19. kingmaker

    kingmaker New Member

    That Sounds Nice too :D

    I think Idhazhin Oram Flute part sounds better with more slides :)

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