Tabs first acoustic solo from the song O meri jaan from 'life in a metro'

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    ok i searched online for the tabs of this song, but i found only chords,so i tabbed it myself as i really need it, for a live show. so faar i just finished only the intro and the acoustic solo,and do know that this is my first tab and tell if i am on the right path, and it is a lil improvised.. :p

    E--------------------------- --------------------------- ----------------------------
    A--5-5h7-----------------7-5- -5-5h7-------------------- -5-5h7----------------------
    D------- 5-7s9-7s9-7s5-5---- --------5-7s10-----7s9-9-7- -------5-7s9-7s9---9s7-5-7-
    G--------------------------- ----------------7-9--------- ------------------7----------
    B--------------------------- --------------------------- ----------------------------
    e--------------------------- --------------------------- ----------------------------

    well something went wrong when i copied and pasted it from notepad, anyways pls inform me if its correct :)

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