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    I've some tabs which i dont know how to play in my guitar.. Tabs like 3s, 3v5(they mentioned v-vibrato), 0h2, 2p0, 2/4 and 7h.. please help me how to play this kind of notes in my guitar..
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    s = slide
    v = vibrato
    h= hammer on
    p = pull off
    / = slide
    ~ = vibrato
    b = bend

    The numbers are generally the fret where you place your finger.

    0h2 = you play open string and hammer on to the second fret
    2p0 = you play keeping finger on second fret and pull of the finger so that the open string sounds
    2/4 = play the seconds fret and slide your finger to fourth fret

    3b5 = play the third fret and bend the string up to fifth fret note
    3b5~ = do as above, but also add a vibrato while the string is bent

    Now do you know how to do these slides, bends, vibratos, hammer on, pull off etc?
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  3. selvapunithan

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    Yes!! please :) help me..

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