Tabs and chords for tamil christian songs

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    Dear Friends,
    Any one please past the tabs and chords for the tamil christian songs.

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    for which christain song?

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    Hellow Everybody iam very happy to join with u.
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    Hi all,

    I found this site very helpful. Though some links do not work, you can play around with the other links. Please post more to this site.
  9. Joshua karthick

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    brother i need tabs for berchmans songs..
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    for which song christian song u need the chords??
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    Hi Guys - happy to be part of IGT - cheers

    Look forward to Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, English & Devotional Music
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    Hello folks ! We have to start posting and sharing Tamil gospel songs with chords. So many aspiring guitarists can actually realize their dream of playing at church and elsewhere for God's glory !
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    c major, a minor, f major and g major.... for mahilvom mahilvom song
  14. punk.vindhya!

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    hi, i want telugu christian song tabs..! anyone.. please!
  15. Solomon Richard

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    send me the audio of NESIPAYA (Vijay ebenezer) 3
    v'll send u the chords
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    Notes & Chords for Guitar, Piano & Harmonica - Immaculate Mary மாசில்லா கன்னியே

    Immaculate Mary மாசில்லா கன்னியே

    Piano & Guitar
    (C/G)மா(C)சில்(C)லா (C/E)கன்(C)னி(C)யே (Dm/E)மா(Dm)தா(Dm)வே (Em)உ(Dm)ன்மே(C)ல்
    (C/G)நே(C)சமி(C)ல்(C/E)லா(C)த(C)வர் (Dm/E)நீ(Dm)ச(Dm)ரே (Em)ஆ(Dm)வா(C)ர்
    (C)வாழ்(F)க! (F)வாழ்(Em)க! (Em)வாழ்(Dm)க (Dm)ம(Em)ரி(G)யே!
    (Em)வாழ்(F)க! (F)வாழ்(Em)க! (Em)வாழ்(Dm)க (Dm)ம(Em)(Dm)ரி(C)யே!

    Harmonica (C Diatonic or Chromatic,C Tremolo only)
    (g)மா(c)சில்(c)லா (e)கன்(c)னி(c)யே (e)மா(d)தா(d)வே (e)உ(d)ன்மே(c)ல்
    (g)நே(c)சமி(c)ல்(e)லா(c)த(c)வர் (e)நீ(d)ச(d)ரே (e)ஆ(d)வா(c)ர்
    (c)வாழ்(f)க! (f)வாழ்(e)க! (e)வாழ்(d)க (d)ம(e)ரி(g)யே!
    (e)வாழ்(f)க! (f)வாழ்(e)க! (e)வாழ்(d)க(d) (d)ம(e)(d)ரி(c)யே!

    This is my personal arrangement for this famous Marian Hymn which can be played in all the above given instruments, easiest key was chosen so that it would be easy for everybody

    Praise The Lord, Ave Maria
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