Tabs and Chords for: Sadda Haq - Rockstar

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  1. evil.neil

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    This song, Sadda Haq, has the potential for becoming a youth anthem and will be soon a must-learn for all desi musicians. Since the music video has just released and I can't get my hands on an audio CD of this movie/album, I am trying the recreate the tabs from the poor-quality video . Please be patient.

  2. janu369

    janu369 New Member

    Fmin scale . .
  3. jogaitme

    jogaitme New Member

    sadda haq's in F# min scale...:)
  4. evil.neil

    evil.neil New Member

    tune your guitar to standard tuning dude. The key is F.

    Not important though. I've tabbed the whole song on GP6. Anyone who needs, ask..

  5. jogaitme

    jogaitme New Member

    sadda haq

    my guitar is in standard tuning buddy...original scale is F# min....although no probs...we can play in any scale isn't it?...chill....have you figured out the distortion setting yet?can you plz give me?....thanks
  6. janu369

    janu369 New Member

    yeah . . Its f#m. . . . Saaddda haqq. . . . .
  7. ebenezerlyall

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    gp6 file

    can you mail me the gp6 file plz? my email is
  8. jogaitme

    jogaitme New Member

    sadda haq

    what is gp6?
  9. karan.different

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    ... plz mail me the Gp6 ...plz
  10. evilbeast3

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    Can i please have the gp6 file??
  11. prateekmetal

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  12. chiliblast

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    hi, can you provide the tab file, music is out now, i believe u must have tabbed it now :)
  13. Scallyfingers

    Scallyfingers New Member

    a-4,e-2,a-5,a-4,a-2,a-4, as many time as you like.
  14. zerokool

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    seems nice!!
  15. aj2news

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  16. nexuswolf

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    gp6 stands for Guitar Pro 6. Its A Tablature editing software.
  17. Gurmeet.Kapoor

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  18. chinmayshukla

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    hey dude can u plz mail the the gp6 tab .... my email id is
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