tabs and chords for popular hits of hindi, telugu and tamil songs

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  1. karthik_remo

    karthik_remo New Member

    hi this is karthik, i'm a guitar pro and have prepared a huge collection of songs( tabs and chords) for popular hits of hindi, telugu and tamil songs. interested people can contact me on
  2. valentino7

    valentino7 New Member


    hey can u give the lead notes for guzarish....
  3. valentino7

    valentino7 New Member

    hey can u give me lead notes of guzarish
  4. musique1chique

    musique1chique New Member

    can you post "thendraley" frm kadhal desam?
    and thoda thoda frm indra? wud b great... :)
  5. musique1chique

    musique1chique New Member

    Hi there karthik..
    have u heard the song "oru kal" frm siva manasule sakti? if u knw the chords, pls post it.thanx a lot.. :D

    NAVEEN RAJ New Member

    can u pleasegive tabs for nenje nenje from ayan
  7. sanjeevbabu

    sanjeevbabu Member

    it is better to play from your memory instead of using tabs.i found it very easy afterwards and for the last 30 years i am doing it. then you will be able to play anysong as you listen to it without even looking on the fretboard.

    BASH LULU New Member

    then plz give me the tabs for tujme rab ***ta hai song Mr.sanjeev
  9. mesudheer

    mesudheer New Member

    Hey.. any one have guitar tabs for the song "akasam takela vadagalai ee vela" from the movie nuvvastanante nenoddantana...????

    please post them...!!
  10. sanjeevbabu

    sanjeevbabu Member

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