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    hi everyone..... ppl.... could anyone give me the tabs and chords for JEENA MERA by SARAAB? i know it's a pretty old song :eek:: but if i could have them it would be great! amazing song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzz......... the chords and tabs for jeena mera! if they r already posted then plz.. could u give me a link cause i couldn't find them! and one more thing i am a begginer so plzz... make sure the chords are a little easy! thankssss in advance!
  2. Orange Guitar

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    Here are the chords....not tabbed by me and i dont know who tabbed it :)...well here are the chords:

    (Em)Jeena mera, Teray liyey

    Tuu na(D)hin paas to kiya hua

    (Em)Khushboo teri, har pal rahey

    (D)Saanson mein meri sada

    Mein na(C)hin jaan(D)ta, meri (C)manzil ka(D)haan

    Yoonhi (C)chalta ra(D)hoon mein agar

    Yeh hai (Em)kaisa sa(D)har, ju(Em)noon ka sa(D)far

    Tera (Em)ehsaas (D)hi to ra(C)hey ga a(Em)mar

    (Em) Samjhay gi (D)na yeh (C)duniya ka(Em)bhi

    (Em)Teray hi (D)dam sey hai (C)meri khu(Em)shi

    (Em) Kehtay hain (D)woh jisey (Em)deewaan(D)gi

    Jaaney woh kiya hoti (C)hai baykhu(Em)di

    (Em) Kitna a(D)dhoora tha (C)tujh bin to (Em)mein

    (Em)Tujh sey mi(D)la to mi(C)la mujh ko (Em)chain

    (Em)Mil hi ga(D)ey hain (Em)hum to san(D)am

    Duniya karey gi (C)ab kiya si(Em)tam

    Rockon :rockon:
  3. #iR@


    thanks...... will try them......... :cool:
  4. nadish

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    Yarr I dont know y I dont like this song or even all songs by Sarab, May b I'm the real rock lover thats y... ;)
  5. larsan

    larsan K-Dash

    nadish i dun know which song u like....coz in most of threads...u have repeated the samething u dun like this or that song....i dun mean to fight....jus askin.............:):):) actually yts ur taste
  6. Lahori_rocker

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    i luv this song i think saarab ka yehi sirf acha gana hai
  7. faiqgiant

    faiqgiant .: Innocent :.

    ya da song,s grreat
  8. nadish

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    Ans to Iarsan!!! Yarr I've already mentioned that I like rock/death metal bands like Mekaal Hasan Band, Mizraab, The Band Call, Aamir Zaki, Karavan, Entity Paradigm aka e.P and sometimes I like Aaroh too.. Infact I like Aaaroh very much... :) So I like or even love all songs by these band.... And 1 thing more, that I hate all romantic songs..... :):):)
    And thats all abt my Choice....
  9. Lahori_rocker

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    Only Lahori rocker rulzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. nadish

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    Rules the world?????
  11. #iR@


  12. Orange Guitar

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    dont fight...saarab is a very gud band...but they are not puttin up songs now!!!! i like this sobg very mych .... it is very melodious....did others try the chords?
  13. #iR@


    thanks man........ can u plzz post me the tabs too? will be greatful!
  14. Orange Guitar

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    the song is not on guitar...r u talking abt melody tab or something other?
  15. Lahori_rocker

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    the song is lovely
  16. Orange Guitar

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    lahori...u r a bit spamming all around the forum...don't u?
  17. Lahori_rocker

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    yes i m spamming all around the forum.....................;)
  18. #iR@


    i need tabs for the melody....... i know this song is not on the guitar.......... i will be grateful if u could post me the tabs for the melody!
  19. Orange Guitar

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    will post ya later...i am trying the tab the last part of sajan solo ny mhb :)....will post tabs later!

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