tabs:- Ab Mujhe Raat Din of SONU NIGAM

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  1. flyingbird

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    hi pals
    here the tabs of sonu nigam song
    is it right plz say

    if there is something wrong plz correct it

    E -3-5-3--2--3--6---5-----------3--3--5-3--2--3-3-3--------------
    B ---------------------------------------------------------------
    G A G F# G Bb A G G A G F# G G G
    ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hai

    E --3---5---3---2-3--6--6--8-5---3--3--5--3--2-3-5--3--3---------
    B ---------------------------------------------------------------
    G A G F# G Bb Bb C A G G A G F# G A G G
    Kya kahoon pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hai

    E --3-3--3--5--6----8--10-8--5-3_5-3-1---------------------------
    B -----------------------------------------3--3--1-----1-3-3--3--
    G --------------------------------------------------3------------
    G G G A Bb C D C A G A G F D D C Bb C D D D
    deewano jaisa haaaaaal hai tumhara hee khayal hai

    does any1 have tabs of starting music & rest of the song

    XOHAIB New Member

    Yaar Itnai Chords
  3. can_i_play

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    sachme yaar kuch jyada hi variations hain chords ke....

    XOHAIB New Member

    Good Work Man

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