tabs 4 bairi chain and jaag ke kati

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  1. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member

    hey all,

    this site totally rocks...i have found so many songs on this site. you all have helped me in making my dream come true. i always loved guitar but could never play it but thanks to all of you now i can. i need tabs for song "BAIRI CHAIN" from album " AB KE SAWAN" by shobha mudhgil, and also " JAAG KE KATI SARI RAINA"from movie leela. i would really appriciate if you guys can find it. they are my fav songs. :eek::. thank you all so much. till we connect again. :rockon:
  2. gautam_njoy

    gautam_njoy New Member

    hey suchacutename may i know wer can i get the song from leela in ,mp3 format from plz..
    i wanted the song but have been unable to fetch it..
    lemme know
  3. suchacutename

    suchacutename New Member

    hey gautam,

    sorry for not replying earlier.. i can convert it in to mp3 for you but then is there any way i can upload the file here on site.. i m kinda new here so dunn know mah way around much.. if u do let me know.. shall do dat for ya...


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