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  1. adityarali

    adityarali New Member

    hey guys,

    i am very new to the guitar, and i only know tablature(no chords). could you please give me tablature to any hindi song? this will be a great start. I appreciate it.
  2. Harshali

    Harshali New Member

    i dunno hindi songs
    but u can play JINGLE BELL on the tablature
    i.e 1 string- open 3 times then again 3 times
    jingle bell jingle bell
    1str -3rd fret then 2nd str 3rd fret then same str -1st fret
    jingle all away
    1st str -1st fret 4times then 2nd strn 3rd fret 2 times and 3rd fret then 1st str - 3rd fret
    santa clause is >>
  3. sanju_strings

    sanju_strings 50 Pai$e <3V/S<3 50 CeNt$

    use the search option if u still dun find it pm me cheers

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