Tab : Offspring - Pretty Fly - Phew - hope its ok...

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    This is certainly my first post – but certainly NOT my first Tab. But its one of the riffs im most sure about…Ladies, Presenting
    PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY) – The Offspring

    YES its original – not copied from shit! If u got a problem = well wat can I say –FuDGE OFF!
    here it goes:::
    this is the intro tab

    E-x--x-x-----x-x------ (X4)

    verse(take it down low...)


    Pre chorus(loud agin)
    E-x--x-x-x-x---------- (X2)


    I think its pretty acurate for a 17yr old - i dunno
    where to put up the audio = the one i've played = though ive got it on my P2P = WAREZ - any of u have it -ask me fer the file name...or suggest a place for puttin up the audio...
    lemme kno how it is...and remember the li'l rep. button dwn there...
    umm - for the freaks who've nvr heard of this song - the link is


    hope that works...

    look down below - for how to use the link...
  2. fat_kax

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    umm - about that link - if ur using Internet explorer - right click it and click download something option ... ummm wait - here it is...
    Click your right mouse button on link and select Save Target As... or Save As...
    If you use Firefox: Drag & drop the link in a new tab (with Firefox).

    Or try to copy link to Clipboard (Windows OS) and then paste it link to Browser Adress Bar and the Enter or press Go Button.

    see ya
  3. vini

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    about that link, dont force urself explaining how to download coz ur link has been snipped off from there.
    Plz use PMs for such things.

  4. UjSen

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  5. vini

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    @ Ujsen

    This is the second time i've observed you..
    Plz spam in Chit Chat Lounge if u have to anyway. :)
  6. fat_kax

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    hey - Ujsen = wats ur beef dude - i aint spamming -
    hows the tab dude = this is gettin kinda
  7. fat_kax

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    vini = sup dude = sorry UJsen
  8. vini

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    @fat kax
    u asked me
    Since u've disable ur pm recieving function i'd have to post my reply here>

    Its our policy like u can say supporting anti piracy and the likes.So we chop off all mp3 download links or sources which u post. If u wanna give such links then use PMs.

  9. fat_kax

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    rite = sorry dude= i didn know = so guyz u herd the man - anyone want the link - send me a pm = and umm - i dunno how to disable my pm recieving function... fer gods sake - this is my first attempt to post something here - so help me?
  10. fat_kax

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    umm - search for pretty fly on [SNIP]
    i hope that dont get SNIPPEd of - lol
  11. vini

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    Firstly i repeat. Giving MP3 links is not allowed(be in any form)

    Secondly You asked me how to enable PM.. for that.. on top of this page...there are tabs like Store, Search etc,. etc,. the second last tab is Quick Links press that and from the drop down menu choose EDIT OPTIONS, now a page will appear, scroll down and U'd see an option of enabling Private Messaging, Check that then scroll down to save changes.

    Thirdly You asked me how to increase reps. If ur fellow members find ur threads or ur work good enough they will rep u themselves. or u can even ask people to rep u..but hey not so fast..u've just joined havent u??

  12. UjSen

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    good tabs
    And Fat_kax

    Vini is not a man>>!!!!
  13. fat_kax

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    umm - oopsies

    oops - sooryy vini...

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