Tab---Mai Yah Hu Yaha---Veer Zara

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  1. sharad_20000

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    Veer Zara--Janum Dekha Lo

    --ja-num--de kha--lo---mit--ga-yee---du-ri-yaan


    Working on it will have the para soon, also on sun zara- lucky got the first line its on A--9--10.......
  2. smilewithme5

    smilewithme5 New Member


    this sounded really kool.if you hav notes 4 any of the latest songs like this plz send em 2 me.....thanx agn

  3. this is OK,,u need to work on it<><<>>missed nodes at a lot of places
  4. this is OK,,u need to work on it<><<>>missed nodes at a lot of places
  5. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

  6. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    Thank u and i will see that on nodes, well smile i just dont gat enough time as lot of my time i am traveling here and there and at free time i just try something on guitar, i did previously post few songs tabs do check them out if they are of any intreast to u. if theres any thing like a request then please do will be happy to comply. and string i know at times it does stop on u try to work on it slowely see if it works otherwise i will see if i could improve over it
  7. smilewithme5

    smilewithme5 New Member

    sharad do u have the note for lakshya theme ??.....if so plz send them cuz i like the music v much. :)

  8. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    Hellooo.... Help me out.. whats nodes..??
  9. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    well i will have to see the lakshya theme as a matter of fact i havent seen the movie it self so will have to look for the the movie first, any ways will try to tab it, thank u
  10. KabirA

    KabirA New Member

    Thankx Sharad for the post...... I was not very clear while playing but now its good either.
    Well, Can u give the chords also??? Along with the lead part of the nother song in between.

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