Tab: Lakshya (sepration instrumental)

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  1. abhis_pals

    abhis_pals New Member

    Since I wasnt able to find this tab anywhere, therefore i decided to tab it myself,
    I asked for the following tab many a time here but no one ansered so i tried it myself and here it is.

    there are many instruments played here i tabbed only the guitar part
    if you find any difficulty plese let me kno

    and buddies please let me know the feedback
    since i learned all from you guys n gals only.




    please guys give comments.

    :rock: :cool: :rock:
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  2. vini

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    hey man abhi..v.v.v nice effort...reps and 1000 points for ur hard work..BUT..heehe..but but but..

    y didnt u tab from the starting man?? i mean this part is not tabbed>>>

    y dont u tab it now?? :)

    anyways..nice job,bro!

  3. abhis_pals

    abhis_pals New Member

    hey buddy, i think i mentioned there that i have only tabbed the guitar part
    and the one u are mentioning is a piano part. :p:
  4. jim4u18

    jim4u18 New Member

    nice work dude hey can u send me the tune my mail id is same at plz
  5. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    Separation instrumental

    Hi folks. The piano part is a bit toughy types as i couldnt tab it in one go. so only guitar part. Well, here it is. hope it is easy to understand. I read this thread, opened the audio file and tabbed this instantly. so i did not try to rechek. plz add/correct if you find any issues. dont forget the appraisal ok? actually my GF wanted me to learn this song. so i got the audio file. tabbing was secondary. Also i would love to know the bassline and piano keys tabbed as notes.

    D12 G9 G11 G9 D12 D12 G9 B10. B10 G11 B10~B12 . B12 e10 B12 B8~B10. B10B8 G11.

    D12 G9 G11 G9 D12 D12 G9 B10. G11 B10 B10~B12 . B12 e10 B12 B8~B10. B10 B12 e8 .......................................................................... e12e10. e10 e8e8 e10.
  6. abhis_pals

    abhis_pals New Member

    nice work dude
  7. guitar_lover

    guitar_lover New Member

    excellet job koolstrum

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