Tab for a Hindi Song - 'Yeh Sham Masthaani' from Kati Patang

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    Sorry for putting tabs for Hindi song here in this forum. This song is one of my favourites - I can not resist myself - an ever green melody of Kishore Kumar.

    If you do not know Hindi, listen to this song in You Tube or so, and play these tabs. I am sure that you will enjoy playing this song. A very good one to relax yourselves.

    The song is put within C Major, by and large, except touching F# in the last line.

    Pick, Play & Enjoy and do put your comments, if any ----------- Sathya

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    A simplified version is here......... Enjoy......... Sathya
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    Thanks for your reply. I am seeing the first review for my hindi tabs. I have more tabs. Posting them here won't be appropriate. If anyone is interested please leave your email id so that I can send the same. My email id is <>................. Sathya

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