Taare Zameen Par - Kholo Kholo Chords / Tabs

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  1. qasim_khan316

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    I had tabbed posted originally...but later realized they were incorrect...sorry for any inconvenience...

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  2. kirti87

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    sounds good. thanks
  3. achint1919

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  4. AhsenBhai

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    finally someone with nice tabs.
  5. vics

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    Kholo Kholo tabs

    Try using Em and A chords with intermittent muting for the start.
    Start by Em x 2, move to A with muting...

    Havent yet figured out the chorus chords,will post them as soon as I do.

    Vtamas Rocks!!!!!
  6. bubka

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    Can anybody really confirm if the lead for the A major chord given in that site works? It mentions the B note, which should not come in A major.

    I think a simple 4-beat strumming of A works better.
  7. pavan s

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    well thats k but in case u get it....please post it!........
  8. caryguitar

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    the symphony thing sounded kinda bad. I did not like. found some better ones on indianguitartabs.com.
  9. pradipyash

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    where is that?
  10. farhatkhan786

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    chord is E minor
    started from 7th house second wire
    then strum E minor
  11. rabbit

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  12. ocean_11

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    chords for tu dhoop hai is
    Bsus2 (8\8 rythm) F#m, G ,A barre chord
    same for remaining
    than intelude Bsus2,Em,F#m,G,A,tha mute n stat mute for 1 second,than start same Em and A
  13. ssm

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    Thanks for the Ibnlive video link
  14. Anchit7

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  15. arjunmukerjee

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    i think the bsus4 repeat on

    Tu dhoop hain jham se bikhar
    Bsus4 -----------------Bsus4

    does not work well with a single guitar. instead 3 2 0 0 0 2 seems to work better after the bsus4 . i have no idea what that chord is . and please give me a tab for asus2. thanks
  16. a#minor

    a#minor The Guitarist

    yes i agree wid you
  17. billyboy

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    right now i dont have any guitar with me...but the first chord they play is


    first play the open 6 th string then strum the chord..i think this is the original chord...

    i have figured the whole song and it sounds quite similar to d original..
  18. devilshome.777

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    but in case u get the exact pattern of strumming pls contact me
  19. baputheking

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    sounds good.thankz man
  20. madmadmaddee

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    RIFF for the intro and 1st and 2nd verse.......

    Well tried to paste it here but cant........
    See the attachment......

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