Sweet Serenity

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    Here Goes Nothin Or Everythin just wrote while watching rollin stones rain fell down.something came in my mind or heart dont know perfectly but wrote it down.

    So it seems like 45 minutes with her
    Is the closest to eternity that I have been...
    We sit and watch the rain pour down
    And every drop that I experience with her, makes my heart skip a beat.

    Because I love to hold her close
    ~This sweet serenity silently screams~
    Because I love to kiss her lips
    ~This sweet serentiy silently screams~

    We were on her bed inside her room.
    The sacred smell of her hair made me tired
    And I know, that with her near, or in her arms.
    My worst dreams are turned into silence, sweet, sweet silence...

    Speechless words and screaming silence
    ~Her love is like fire, and it burns my heart~
    Tastefull love, and dust filled rain.
    ~Her love is like fire, and it burns my heart~

    Dancing around in the rain
    Laughing like children
    Not a care in the world
    Because her hand is in mine...

    This sweet silent screaming serenity
    Tell me why this love burns
    Please, sweet silent screaming serenity
    Tell me why her love is burning inside of me...

    Could this be love?
    Could this be it?
    Either serenity is here, or serenity is near
    But this burning love has evaporated the rain.

    Any Comments???
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    W O W


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    rocking!!! man ...............

    u gettin' reps
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    speechless... reps comming ur way! (i hope i can do that)
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    That was a beauty....but cant rep u...
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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
    that was so gr8, and amazing..........will rep ya if i can........
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    i want a girlfriend :cry1: :cry2:
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    even i dont a have1
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    i can understand that in ur poem
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