Sweet Child of Mine - Sheryl Crowe

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  1. kiran_1377

    kiran_1377 New Member

    Its a cover version Of the Original one by the Ultimate Rock Group GNR.
    Sounds cool on an acoustic too!!
    Try it

    Sweet Child O' Mine - Sheryl Crow

    [D] He's got a smile that it seems to me

    [C9] Reminds me of childhood memories

    Where [G] everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky

    [D] Now and then when I see his face

    [C9] It takes me away to that special place

    and if I [G] stay too long I'd probably break down and [D] cry

    [C9] Oh [G] oh, sweet child of [D] mine

    [C9] Oh, oh, [G] oh, sweet love of [D] mine

    [D] He's got eyes of the bluest sky

    [C9] and if they thought of rain

    I'd [G] hate to look into those eyes and [D] see an ounce of pain

    [D] His hair reminds me of a warm safe place

    [C9] where as a child I'd hide

    and [G] pray for the thunder and for the rain to [D] quietly pass me by

    [C9] Oh [G] oh sweet child of [D] mine

    [C9] Ooooo oh, oh, [G] oh sweet love of [D] mine

    [C9] Oh, oh, oh, [G] oh sweet child of [D] mine

    Hey, hey-hey [C9] Oh [G] sweet love of [D] mine

    {electric guitar solo; chords go like this: [em] [C] [bm7] [am] x2}

    [em] Where do we go, [G] where do we go now, [A] where do we go [C] [D]
    [em] Where do we go, [G] where do we go now, [A] where do we go [C] [D]
    [em]Where do we go, [G] sweet child, [A] where do we go now [C] [D]

    [em]Ahhhhh[G]hhhh, [A]where do we goooo[C]oooo[D]ooooo

    [em] Where do we go, [G] sweet child, [A] where do we go now [C] [D]

    [em] Where do we gooo[G]oooo, [A]where do we go now [C] [D]

    [em] Where do we go, [G] [A] where do we go now [C] Na-na-na-


    [em] Sweet [G] child, sweet [A] chi-[C] . . .[D] ld of [em] mine

  2. Dead_Bread

    Dead_Bread New Member



    what in the hell r u doin attributin dat song to sheryl crow???????

    its not like the chords are diffrent.....

    its EXACTLY the same

    dat poor excuse for a singer is makin money by rippin off one of da best bands ever

    you ARE SICK
  3. vivekthakur

    vivekthakur New Member

    good wrk..thanks for posting...never knw sheryl covered scom..!!
  4. axlrose250

    axlrose250 New Member

    hahahahaha 2 of the most different replies ever....hahahahahahahaha
  5. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    hmmm good post except for the ultimate rock band part. GNR is far from the ultimate rock band.
  6. kiran_1377

    kiran_1377 New Member

    Who is attributing the song to Sheryl Crowe!!!!
    Its a "Cover Version" of the original song By GNR as i have mentioned earlier!
    And there are hundreds of artists doing covers!
    What the hell... I posted it as i got the chords and thought if anyone wud be interested can use it... If u dont like it...i cant help it!
  7. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Dead_bread, he posted the chords of a cover version, if you didnt like it, you neednt have replied. I've never seen you posting chords of any song, if you dont want to, you neednt, but please dont discourage persons who actually do. And kiran, nice chords.
  8. guns n roses

    guns n roses Pro Guitarist

    isnt this a english GUITAR TABS section not lyrics? neways GN'R rocks Sheryl Crow.

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