swades -- dekho na

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by karan, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. karan

    karan New Member

    REQ - swades -- dekho na

    really need the chords and tab for this song:
    swades -- dekho na..
    amaaazing lyrics...
    and an amaaaazing bass line..

    any champion guitarists wanna try it out?
    thanks a lot,

  2. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    yes amazing.. but i think he did it on a kb.. thats what i feel..
  3. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    hey karan ., pls read the rules and regulations of IGT and always prefix " REQ " to your title , in case of next time , have ammended ur title this time , chill ..

    nice song , even i would like to get the tabs , nice love song , jayswami - you think u can try !!
  4. karan

    karan New Member

    i was unable to login for 4 days!!!! :shock:

    bobby: i'll keep that REQ thing in mind.

    no one's trying this song??
  5. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    not a priority for me rt now. i will do it at some point of time. if someone is willing to have a shot, go for it.

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