Sutta & Bhula Do

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  1. doodla

    doodla New Member

    Hey guys n gals
    I just uploaded my songs on soundclick.
    i would like u to hear them and post any comments on my message board.
  2. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ

    bhula do...
    hmmmm....dat was goood..recording...goood strumming...
    slight probs wid vocals.... dat can b improved.... n ws thoda out of sur at places....
    n...i guess..u didnt kno da lyrics proply??...

    and can u plss temme.....wot chords have u used?? ;)

    hmm..dat was.good...
    good guitarin....1 note was wrong..around da end of da song... ryto??

    keep posting.!!!
  3. doodla

    doodla New Member

    the chord for bhula do are the same throughout the song
    Am G F E
    u can hear the stumming from my song

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