Surviving Worst Case Scenarios

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    Popular Mechanics has an interesting set of links on
    surviving worst case scenarios. For example, did you
    know that you can maximize your chance of survival in
    case of a plummenting elevator by lying down on the
    floor, thereby spreading the impact over the entire

    They cover some very interesting scenarios:

    # How To Survive An Airplane Crash
    # How To Stop A Car With No Brakes
    # How To Navigate A Minefield
    # How To Control A Runaway Camel
    # How To Jump From Rooftop To Rooftop
    # How To Survive A Riot
    # How To Find Your Way When Lost In The Woods
    # How To Survive A Volcanic Eruption
    # How To Ram A Barricade
    # How To Survive A Sandstorm
    # How To Cross A Piranha-Infested River
    # How To Survive A Plunge Over A Waterfall
    # How To Survive A Fall Through Ice
    # How To Escape From A Car Hanging Over The Edge Of A

    And specially for those who are frequently spaced out:
    How to survive an alien abduction?

    Respond like James Bond to all these scenarios. Get
    your fundaes right:
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    Hey went through some of those....pretty obvious things! :think:
    i guess in a situation like those...mentioned....everyone behaves differently and no matter how much u prepare...its ur presence of mind at tht very instant which is required!

    I guess Pray to ur god everyday!!!
    as someone rightly said...PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! :p:

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